A recent TV commercial for the insurance company esurance features actor Dennis Quaid using a cell phone while driving to pitch the firm’s new safe driving app. By the end of the commercial, the viewer learns that Dennis is not actually driving the car.  It’s being towed on a trailer for obvious reasons:  talking on a handheld cell phone while driving is hazardous.

In the commercial, using an app intended to enhance driver safety – while driving – demonstrates the irony of misusing the app’s most important benefit. The moral of the story? Even when a solution offers benefits, it must be used properly to receive the intended value.

Sales Operations Distractions

Over that past few years, the pace of new technology products introduced to the sales software market segment has dramatically increased (See Nancy Nardin’s SalesTech Landscape for proof). The emergence of Sales Enablement, incorporating Artificial Intelligence, and the increasing domination by mobile devices and applications have attracted the attention of sales leaders looking for any new way to improve sales productivity with minimum effort and maximum results. The irony is that despite these shiny new objects, the car must still be driven. CRM systems are still at the core of effectively managing salespeople and evaluating sales performance.

As a result, we believe that Sales Operations is the unfortunate “distracted driver” in this scenario. Sales management fundamentals, such as measuring metrics against goals, doing gap analyses and enabling top performer best practices within the sales organization are being displaced in order to pursue heavily marketed “silver-bullet” technology alternatives. Many of these alternative tools are implemented to solve point problems rather than produce better overall sales results.

Sales Performance Optimization (SPO): Keeping Your Eyes On the Road

Our Sales Performance Optimization, FunnelocitySM software application lets you focus on fundamental metrics to evaluate and score sales performance, including adherence to a defined sales process – which studies have shown significantly improves sales results. This is the opposite of distracted driving. Rather than finding point solutions to address point problems, the FunnelocitySM application uses core CRM metrics and manager evaluations to score sales performance and to determine what metrics and behaviors are most important to achieving sales objectives.

Funnelocity SM can dramatically improve performance by identifying the gaps that exist between top performers and the rest of the team, while monitoring and measuring performance improvements over time.  Funnelocity SM also helps Sales Operations enforce sales process compliance by identifying salespeople who fail to appropriately input CRM data, or when reps manipulate data to present their performance in the best possible light.

In our opinion, implementing more sales technology only helps when the fundamentals are observed:

  • Salespeople must first know where they stand and what they need to improve in order to maximize their performance. Focusing on the core activities, metrics and behaviors helps a salesperson to meet revenue objectives with less effort and disruption.
  • Reps should have goals for each metric, so they know what target to shoot at. Giving people an easy, understandable way to evaluate performance based on gap analysis quantifies exactly what each rep must do to meet sales objectives.
  • Managers need to understand why top performers achieve their objectives when many reps are simply average or poor. If poor and average performers focus on the right activities and behaviors, their performance will improve, thus improving the entire team.
  • Using technologies in a non-distracting way can replace work, analysis and effort for managers and sales operations. Applications should enable resources to focus where it matters most – on supporting and coaching reps to drive revenue.

As the esurance commercial points out, you can’t drive a car when you are distracted with a cell phone. Similarly, you can’t manage a sales team effectively if your core sales management system doesn’t inspire confidence to provide managers with the data needed to manage their team.  Adding more technology has the potential to distract the team while creating more work for support resources without addressing the underlying productivity issues, unless it’s FunnelocitySM.

To learn how FunnelocitySM supports CRM and sales process compliance to more predictably improve sales performance, please visit our website: https://funnelmetrics.com