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FunnelocitySM is “Moneyball” for sales management.

As you hit the end of the quarter and reflect on how better to coach your team, why not consider incorporating a little “Moneyball” into your game plan? FunnelocitySM may be just what you need to take your sales force’s performance into the big leagues.

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Data in. Productivity out.

  • 1.

    Critical Metrics
    not available in core Salesforce.

  • 2.

    Organization Map Filtering
    allows for top to bottom drilldowns.

  • 3.

    Unique Certification Scoring
    more accurately portrays performance.

  • 4.

    Funnel Calculator
    permits comparisons with goals, peers and prior year, enables What-if analysis.

  • 5.

    Performance Dashboard
    provides insights for both sales metrics and scores.

  • 6.

    Territory Plans
    integrated with rep metrics allow reps to produce annual plans.

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Our team of experts are ready to provide you a full array of support services to ensure that your Funnelocity integration is a smooth and successful process and you have the professional advice available to be successful.

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    Aligned to Your Team

    Funnel Metrics configures Funnelocity for your unique sales team organization. We customize navigation, reporting and performance scoring to meet your specific sales goals and objectives.

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    Sales Force CRM Integration

    Funnel Metrics can tailor Funnelocity to fit your Salesforce implementation by layering on your Salesforce instance without interfering with your current Sales operations.

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    Sales Management Expertise

    Funnel Metrics provides our sales management expertise to fully support your sales leaders with training, mentoring and assistance during and after implementation.

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“Funnel Metrics improved our sales performance and accelerated company revenue and profitability.”

- Gary Rappeport, former CEO of Donlen, a Hertz Company

“The Funnel Metrics methodology is an effective catalyst for growth and transformation.”

- Kurt Ekert, President & CEO of CWT

“Funnel Metrics' disciplined approach led to greater transparency in our revenue forecasts and a higher success rate across our sales team.”

- Susan Clarke, former CEO of AIG's Accident & Health Division

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