Clone Your Best Sales Reps

Predict which of your salespeople are likely to reach their potential. Funnelocity® provides continuous insights by providing an automated framework to easily analyze sales results driven by specific actions, activities, skills and behaviors that have the greatest impact on sales achievement, allowing you to focus on coaching, not analyzing data.

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What is Funnelocity?

Funnelocity® is a unique framework for scoring, measuring and monitoring sales team performance, and providing more actionable insights for coaching sales people. Unlike traditional quota-based performance rankings, our scoring process provides managers with a more comprehensive understanding of sales metrics and behaviors for each team member.

More Value for Less Effort

Using data-driven insights based on your data, you can analyze activities, behaviors and skills
to identify gaps where improvement is needed for each sales team member and develop action plans, impacting your bookings!
Remove the subjectivity and use the data-driven insights to coach and develop your team.

Shorten Onboarding

Reduce time to productivity for new hires by enabling our on-boarding features. Show new hires what activities and skills shorten the time to achieving their revenue goals.

Improve Adoption

Managers more effectively communicate with sales team members to show them how they can improve, motivating them to improve data inputs.

Optimize Performance

Analyze activities, behaviors and skills to gain a clear picture of team member performance. Set goals and identify gaps where improvement is needed. 

Increase Retention

Use application data to analyze sales performance. Identify key activities for improvement to help even top performers. Gain insights into why team members may have challenges that might cause churn.

“Funnelocity provides a rich set of sales performance metrics that allow sales managers to view, track and evaluate sales performance over time and to facilitate meaningful, data-driven coaching conversations with sales reps to improve performance.”

– Bill Fuller Jr., Director of Sales Operations


“Funnelocity has facilitated performance improvement conversations between our managers and salespeople which were difficult to have in the past. Discussions are now guided by facts and data versus gut feelings and emotion.”

– Steve Ashmore, President & COO Rytec Corporation


“Over a 6-year period, Michael’s sales performance scoring methodology was nothing short of miraculous, growing gross bookings 400% from $142M to over $750M.” – Dave Falter, CEO of Orbitz for Business 

“Funnel Metrics scoring methodology has helped us drive significant improvements in our sales team’s year-over-year new business productivity. Our 2018’s average annual revenue performance, for all tenured reps was $489,000.  By the end of 2019, our average annual revenue performance of all tenured salespeople was $900,337.  An 84% increase in our tenured reps’ average annual revenue performance!” – Steve Pitel, Chief Sales Officer

“I had the privilege of seeing the powerful results of Michael’s scoring process while at Travelport/Orbitz for Business.  I can attest that his methodology was an effective catalyst for our growth and transformation.” – Kurt Ekert, EVP and Chief Commercial Officer

“Michael’s scoring methodology enabled us to more effectively identify the metrics & skills most important to driving premium growth.  His disciplined approach led to greater transparency in understanding gaps in performance.  As a result, we were able to significantly increase the average annual premium performance of our BDR’s.” – Susan Clarke, CEO of AIG’s Accident & Health Division.

Data In. Productivity Out.

Critical Metrics

Use metrics not available in Salesforce

Unique Scoring Framework

More accurately portrays performance

Performance Dashboard

Provides insights for both sales metrics and scores

Organization Map Filtering

Allows for top to bottom drill-downs

Metrics Calculator

Coach team members using “what if” analysis

Funnel Metrics Analytics

Fast and easy, eliminates interpretation

Help More Reps Achieve Quota

Funnelocity® focuses on the quantitative metrics and qualitative skills that impact on sales achievement so you can identify which salespeople will likely reach their potential.

  • Resolve the lack of sales process compliance and poor CRM data entry.
  • Get a score for every role in the sales organization. By scoring metrics, activities, and skills for top, average, and poor performers, you’ll receive continuous insights you can act on.

Works inside of Salesforce to provide real data and insights you need to elevate your entire team.

Committed Support

Our team of experts are ready to provide you a full array of support services to ensure that your Funnelocity installation is a smooth and successful process and you have the professional advice available to be successful.

Aligned to Your Team

Funnel Metrics configures Funnelocity® for your unique sales team organization. We customize navigation, reporting and performance scoring to meet your specific sales goals and objectives.

Salesforce® Integration

Funnel Metrics can tailor Funnelocity® to fit into your existing Salesforce® instance without interfering with current sales operations.

Sales Management Expertise

Funnel Metrics provides our sales management expertise to fully support your sales leaders with training, mentoring and assistance during and after implementation.

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