A better sales management solution begins with a proprietary scoring methodology

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Funnelocity® is a Sales Performance Management (SPM) Application

Enable managers to capture, measure & trend activities, and identify metrics and skills that drive sales performance.


Better Execute the Sales Process

Identify process bottlenecks, simplify the coaching process, develop action plans and monitor your team’s improvement using Funnelocity®

Manage with a Process for Continuous Improvement

funnelocity process

Funnelocity Scoring® provides a consistent way to


Capture and evaluate sales skills for each team member.


Evaluate metric performance results for each team member.


Identify best practice leaders and those who need help.


Measure each team member’s effectiveness in sales process execution.


Monitor your managers’ coaching effectiveness.


Measure the return on training and consulting investments.

A Data Driven Approach to Sales Performance Management

Coach your team and close more opportunities to drive real revenue growth while enabling continuous improvement in your sales team.

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