A better sales management solution begins with a proprietary scoring methodology.

Introducing the

Scoring Framework

Funnel Metrics has designed a unique framework for scoring, measuring and monitoring sales team performance, and providing more actionable insights for coaching sales people. Unlike traditional quota-based performance rankings, our Certification Scoring provides managers with a more comprehensive understanding of sales metrics and behaviors for each team member. Only Funnel Metrics provides this new, visionary scoring and measuring solution within the Sales Enablement industry.

FunnelocitySM is “Moneyball” for sales management.

Sales managers are human. They rely on past experience, historical data, gut instinct and tribal wisdom to process information and make decisions. So, what’s the problem with their intuitive-based thinking? Well, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Evidence-based decision-making is critical to business success.

In Michael Lewis’ book Moneyball1, the character Billy Beane uses an analytical, evidence-based approach to build a competitive baseball team on a shoestring budget. Beane’s statistical analysis demonstrated that on-base and slugging percentages are better indicators of offensive success than more historically valued qualities such as speed and contact. In the end, his data analysis convinced management to trust analytics over intuition-based decision-making.
1. Michael Lewis, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game (W. W. Norton & Company, 2003).

Score. Manage. Win.

Why did Beane’s scouts fail to recognize the best talent? Three reasons: They overgeneralized from personal experience. They believed past performance predicted future performance. Finally, they brought personal bias into the equation. FunnelocitySM takes intuitive-based thinking out of the equation so you can identify the quantitative metrics and qualitative behaviors that correlate to improved sales performance and increased revenue.

Hit sales productivity out of the park.

Incorporating FunnelocitySM is like implementing Moneyball for your sales team. Our AI-based analytics will more accurately and effectively predict sales productivity. FunnelocitySM can help your organization switch from a culture of intuition-based thinking to one of evidence-based decision-making. Predictive analytics is the science of better decision-making, and better decision-making is critical to business success.

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