A better sales managment solution begins with a proprietary scoring methodolgy

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Crack the Code!

Sales Performance Management is about capturing and measuring a salesperson’s revenue results that have been driven by activities and skills. Funnelocity® is Funnel Metrics’ Sales Performance Management application that gives managers the right information to quickly and easily make performance improvement decisions that can help team members while complementing their efforts to do opportunity management and revenue forecasts.


Better insights, better management

Funnelocity® is a Sales Performance Management Solution that measures the relationship between revenue performance, activities and skills.

Pipeline management is critical for managing, assessing deals and hitting goals. Salespeople constantly update opportunity pipeline information and managers review each seller’s funnel, trying to figure out which opportunities have the best chance of closing. This is important because managers need to hit their quarterly number. And you need all of them to perform so you hit your number.


To crack the code, sales managers also need to coach salespeople on how to improve their performance. This requires a different level of information not found in pipeline management because the elements of pipeline data are driven by subjective inputs from salespeople.

Funnelocity® Scoring Framework

Funnel Metrics has designed a unique framework for scoring, measuring and monitoring sales team performance, and providing more actionable insights for coaching sales people. Unlike traditional quota-based performance rankings, our scoring provides managers with a more comprehensive understanding of sales metrics and behaviors for each team member. Only Funnel Metrics provides this new, visionary scoring and measuring solution within the sales enablement industry.

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