A better sales management solution begins with a proprietary scoring methodology.
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Interpreting the data that drives success.

FunnelocitySM transforms big data into actionable insights that improve sales, generate revenue and drive growth.

Managing, coaching and mentoring the sales force.

As a Sales Manager, you have limited time to coach your sales team. By identifying individual strengths and pinpointing barriers to success, FunnelocitySM helps Sales Mangers manage, coach and mentor their teams to improve sales performance.

Managing Sales Force
Intelligent Analytics

Intelligent analytics for better performance.

Whether monitoring productivity, identifying KPIs or accurately forecasting sales, our quantitative and qualitative metrics give Sales Managers the power to improve sales performance.

Introducing the Funnelocity Certification Scoring Framework

Funnel Metrics has designed a unique framework for scoring, measuring and monitoring sales team performance, and providing more actionable insights for coaching sales people. Unlike traditional quota-based performance rankings, our Certification Scoring provides managers with a more comprehensive understanding of sales metrics and behaviors for each team member. Only Funnel Metrics provides this new, visionary scoring and measuring solution within the Sales Enablement industry.

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“After using the Funnel Metrics methodology, our growth was nothing short of miraculous.”

- Dave Falter, former CEO of Travelport/Orbitz for Business

“The Funnel Metrics methodology is an effective catalyst for growth and transformation.”

- Kurt Ekert, President & CEO of CWT

“Funnel Metrics' disciplined approach led to greater transparency in our revenue forecasts and a higher success rate across our sales team.”

- Susan Clarke, former CEO of AIG's Accident & Health Division