Better service means comprehensive support

To better serve our customers, Funnel Metrics offers implementation and post-integration support services. We monitor Funnelocity® use over a three to six-month period to ensure your sales team is optimally engaged with the application.

Start scoring your sales force for success.

Funnelocity® uses smarter analytics to gain better insight into your sales team’s performance. Our unique scoring approach eliminates extensive metric analysis, and identifies the critical metrics and skills managers should focus on to improve performance.

Training that empowers managers & team members

We’re here to make sure you have the best possible user experience with Funnelocity®. Our training process helps managers with sales management best practices to understand the data and reporting, planning and implementing reviews, using the app for coaching and prioritize rep activities.

Full Implementation Support

Funnel Metrics will fully install your Funnelocity Solution and configure it for your organization. This way you can focus your efforts on managing and working on best practices performance improvement. 

Successful selling begins with seamless integration.

The Funnelocity® sales management solution is natively implemented on the popular Salesforce® platform, the leading sales CRM product in the industry.


Sales Performance Management is a comprehensive methodology that helps managers coach sales team members

Performance improvement is a key responsibility for managers. However, not every manager is trained to manage performance. Here are some of the questions we hear about Funnelocity® and Sales Performance Management.

What if our reps don't do a good job inputting data?

All CRM systems have “gaps” in inputs based on how reps input data. That’s okay. The more managers effectively use the information to coach reps, the more value reps see in better data input, because they are making more money!

How much time does a Sales Manager need to use this application effectively?

 Funnelocity® is designed to minimize manager effort and learning curve. Most managers spend 15 minutes per rep to prep for reviews and coaching sessions. When managers input skills evaluations, it takes about 2-5 minutes per rep.

How accurate is your data?

When we install Funnelocity®, we collect up to three years of historical data for reps, plus any custom metrics or skills you install in the application. The application has been extensively tested both internally and with beta customers over a three year period to ensure full accuracy. Our team also closely works with you to ensure confidence in the data and the management process.

Is this going to create a lot of work for Sales Ops?

To make this easy, we provide support to both install and maintain the application. We provide comprehensive training and support and collaborate with operations team members to familiarize them with the solution.

How long does it take to implement?

We can set up the application with a week of data collection (things your team provides, like quotas and rep hire dates). From there it takes a few work days to install and fully configure the application. We set it up in a sandbox to ensure it works with your existing setup.

How are goals set in the application to measure performance?

Funnelocity uses the historical data it collects to automatically calculate goals for all metrics. Based on prior year performance management can specify an overall percentage of improvement for all metrics or managers can adjust individual rep metrics to ensure each rep is being accurately measured.