Salesforce customers can now benefit from Funnel Metrics’ next-generation Sales Management application to identify, measure and score key selling attributes that drive peak performance. Chicago, [February 12, 2019] – Funnel Metrics, LLC today announced it has launched Funnelocity℠ on Salesforce AppExchange, the world’s leading business app ecosystem empowering businesses [...]

Over the past few posts, I have been discussing my philosophy of sales management I call the Principles of Sales Leadership. Just to recap, in my first post, I talked about the principles of Teamwork and Trust and having a Sense of Urgency, which to me means treating your [...]

In my last post, I talked about my Principles of Sales Leadership  – foundation concepts that define my philosophy about how to be an effective sales leader. When Funnel Metrics works with leadership teams, we assess the dynamics of the team to determine if these principles are being followed. When they [...]

As we have launched our new business, Funnel Metrics, colleagues and friends have been very complementary of the name we selected for our business.  A friend commented that he likes the name because it says what it does.  That is partly true. We do focus heavily on metrics, and opportunity pipeline [...]

Many elements of Sales Management seem obvious when you as a Sales leader manage your team. One of these is the concept of funnel versus pipeline.  What’s the difference?  Although it’s a subtle difference, it’s a fundamental principle of forecasting that is often taken for granted because to most [...]