Sales Performance
Management (SPM)

Use SPM to measure, monitor and coach sales personnel to improve their ability to sell products and services

Annual Quota

40-60% of Sellers are Falling Short of Their Quota

Educating teams to close deals faster has long been synonymous with sales coaching. In spite of this, analysts report that a 40-60% of salespeople fail to reach their quota year after year.

The most common complaint we hear as to why coaching focused on continual improvement doesn’t happen is that coaching takes too much time away from managers and salespeople closing deals.

To effectively coach team members, managers need to help them improve without taking the time away from their normal selling tasks.

How can coaching and winning deals
become the same activity?

Sales Coaching Frameworks

Top performing sales organizations implement management coaching frameworks. A coaching framework gives managers the necessary tools and processes to facilitate critical assessment, apply their domain knowledge and simplify their decision making without sacrificing opportunity velocity.

The Funnel Metrics Funnelocity® Sales Coaching Framework is based on five key steps that enables a repeatable, data driven approach to SPM that takes the guesswork out of why a sales representative is not performing.


Adhere to the Defined Sales Process


Score Leading Metrics & KPIs


Assess Training Skills that Impact Sales Process


Develop and Implement Action Plans


Monitor & Measure Performance

The Funnelocity® Sales Coaching Framework

Coaching Steps

1. Adhere to the Sales Process
2. Review Metrics & KPIs
3. Sales Skill Alignment
4. Implement Action Plans
5. Track Data in Your CRM
Adhere to the Sales Process
Sales Process Pipeline Evaluation
A sales process pipeline evaluation identifies where each sales representative’s opportunities are bottlenecking and how long they have stayed in each sales stage. Helpful to diagnose how a sales representative is executing the sales process and identifying which metrics and skills are aligned to improvement areas.
The Funnelocity® Sales Pipeline Dashboard
Review both the counts and amounts of opportunities found in each sales stage. An aging analysis shows counts and amounts of opportunities by aging periods.
Review Metrics & KPIs
Metric Review
Once the key problem sales stage(s) are identified, leading indicators and/or results metrics aligned to the business’ Sales Process validate the pipeline analysis to display all significant metric gaps of actual performance to goals, and to indicate which metrics will be the focus for improving and winning key pipeline opportunities.
Role Comparisons
Comparisons are made throughout the application showing a rep’s performance versus peer team members, against all personnel in the same Sales Role, and in stack rankings showing reps rankings by performance scores.
Sales Skill Alignment
Skills Review
Current and previous Managers Skills evaluations for each rep are used to determine if Skills scores aligned with the selected problem sales stage(s) are consistent with metric and pipeline assessments. The manager decides which of the rep’s skills require further updating and/or coaching.
Implement Action Plans
Action Plans
Based on the previous steps, tailored Action Plans are created for underperforming sales representatives based on the opportunities identified that require closing or specific actions that will improve the sales representatives overall performance on all opportunities.
An Incremental Approach
Action Plans help the manager and sales representative focus on one specific area of improvement at a time. This is an incremental approach where the Action Plans add up to a complete plan of performance improvement for the rep. More importantly, Action Plans are directly tied to closing deals that must be won to help the sales representative meet their quota goals.
Track Data in Your CRM
Monitoring & Trending
Using the Trending Dashboards to monitor increases and/or decreases in performance over time for proposed Action Plans, managers review the metrics and skills to identify improvements where the rep has closed key opportunities or requires further support.
Monitoring Options
Managers can easily compare multiple reps for a specific metric or skill or look at multiple metrics or skills together for a given rep to get a better handle on how deals are being addressed.

Funnelocity® Enables Training & Coaching Alignment

Through Sales Process Alignment, managers can understand not only how opportunity sales stages, metrics, and skills are aligned with each stage of the organization’s Sales Process, but also how to identify the root causes driving seller performance to help drive a more meaningful change in your organization.

A Sales Coaching Framework relies on Sales Process Alignment to frame the issue within your sales process so that managers instantly know what metrics and skills drives immediate improvement once an issue has been identified.
Coaching training

Achieve Alignment and Identify the Root Cause of Problems

Close more opportunities to drive real revenue growth and enable continuous improvement in your sales team with Funnelocity® from Funnel Metrics.