Product Features

Funnelocity® provides the tools managers and salespeople need to improve performance & achieve their goals

Sales Performance Management

Facilitates  effectiveness through Automation and a coaching/training Framework

Effectively coaching and training salespeople to improve performance requires a different type of information that’s not easily generated from pipeline reports or forecasts in Salesforce. Sales Performance Management looks at data through a different lens by analyzing sales results driven by specific actions, activities, skills and behaviors.

Define Skills

Sales leadership identifies selling skills important to each role on sales team

Acquire Activity Data

Load 1-3 years of historical CRM data to assess quality & identify gaps

Align & Evaluate Skills

 Review the key skills that align to your Sales Process and perform skill evaluations for team members to evaluate their success.


Automate Goals

Goals are automatically defined at every level of sales performance to easily determine when sellers are on track or losing momentum. 

Build Action Plans

Based on identified opportunities and/or deficiencies, collaborate with sellers to document prescriptive plans to improve revenue growth.

Monitor & Manage Results

Enable a continuous improvement cycle by monitoring improvements in key metrics or skills using advanced trending.

Analyze Activity Data

Funnelocity® uses a data-driven approach to create metrics from daily sale activities in Salesforce, like converting leads, adding/closing opportunities, recording calls and meetings. Unique dashboards provide easy to use views of metrics to help managers make decisions for coaching and training.

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