Sales performance management, or SPM, refers to the approach that incorporates techniques and methods for hiring, managing and incentivizing the sales team of a company in order to reach peak performance. It should come as no surprise that companies that implement SPM into their sales department outsell companies that [...]

Today, industries across the world are being transformed by the use of data, particularly by the use of data in predictive analytics. Predictive analysis has wide application in business, from finance to marketing and risk management, with one of the most widely-used applications being in B2B sales. What Does [...]

Does Your Team Need Predictive Sales Software? Predictive analysis can be used to comb through mountains of data to uncover trends and insights, and subsequently improve business processes. When applied to the sales department, it is used to eliminate as much ambiguity and human error as possible to accurately [...]

Over the past few posts, I have been discussing my philosophy of sales management I call the Principles of Sales Leadership. Just to recap, in my first post, I talked about the principles of Teamwork and Trust and having a Sense of Urgency, which to me means treating your [...]

In my last post, I talked about my Principles of Sales Leadership  – foundation concepts that define my philosophy about how to be an effective sales leader. When Funnel Metrics works with leadership teams, we assess the dynamics of the team to determine if these principles are being followed. When they [...]